Rukman Ragas

ருக்மன் ராகாஸ்



Short Fiction

Trees Can Have My Soul; in Return,
Let Me Have My Grief
published in khōréō
January 2024
"The land knows you."

To Grieve my Brother - published in
Consequence Forum
March 2024
"To his ghosts."

What Tales Demand - published in
March 2024
"When it snows, think of me."

Cheap Dreams - published in
The Hooghly Review
April 2024
"Tomorrow, I'll do what you say."

A Warm Cup Of Tea - published in
The Baltimore Review
Spring 2024
"It tasted like tears."


Rukman Ragas (they/he) is a Tamil writer from Sri Lanka. Their work has appeared from khōréō, Tasavvur, and other venues. When he is not working on his stories or wrangling his novel into shape, he can be found consuming an unhealthy amount of historical media and making queer headcanons out of them.


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